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Generations digital marketing provides simple and affordable bulk SMS app solutions for marketing campaigns and general information communication

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Gd marketing provides simple and affordable bulk SMS app solutions for marketing campaigns and general information communication


GD Marketing offers following features:

Sending SMS’s is as simple as selecting contacts or a group of contacts, typing your message, and hitting the send button. You can personalize SMS’s for each contact, and use pre-created templates!

You create templates which allows you to reuse the same message, saving you time and hassle.

You can view who has opted out of your messaging campaigns, as well as add numbers to your optout list. You are also able to clean numbers on the optout list from your contact list, and export all optouts to Excel.

You can view the current delivery status of each SMS. We provide true handset delivery reporting.

Your clients can respond to your SMS’s, which gives you the edge when it comes to knowing what your clients want and what they’re saying about your company.

You can personalize SMS’s to your contacts by using their title, name, and surname

You can create contacts, and add them to multiple groups. Messages can be sent out to particular groups, or to all contacts.

You can create sub-accounts for different departments or members of staff in your organization and allocate credits between these accounts

With our advanced reporting you can view the number of messages sent and received per time period, as well as the performance of each messaging campaign. These reports can be exported to Excel.

Import/Export your contacts from/to excel with Cents Check – saving you time and simplifying contact management. Options to export contacts as well as sent, received, and scheduled SMS’s are available.

You can create a campaign for your messages, and track replies based on this campaign. Perfect for monitoring the success of a messaging campaign for a particular product range.

Forward received SMS’s to your email address.

* You can also send us a specifically formatted email, and our servers will send it out as an SMS for you.

SMS Prices

  • 500 SMS credits R190
  • 3000 SMS credits R1080
  • 5000 SMS credits R1700
  • 10000 SMS credits R3000

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